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Stargazing Night Photography Trysil Norway © Timothy Boocock

I run a small company called Star Hunting Trysil which provides guests with an opportunity to see the sky as never seen before, using special binoculars. Its a an informative tour under the stars in Trysil Norway and maybe you can catch a glimpse of the northern lights while your out with me.

Stargazing Tour

Stargazing Tour

Phone: + 47 46964433

Trysil Stargazing Tour 20.00 – 21.00

Please call or send sms to arrange other times that fits your time schedule.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sundays

Dont forget to ask about a free photograph when you come on a tour

Star Hunting Trysil

Star Hunting Trysil stargazing tour

Keep the sky dark in Trysil

Keep the sky dark in Trysil